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My name is Claire Tavernor and I am a transformation coach & certified ADHD Coach.

I empower "lucky" women to drop the weight of "having it all" and move from disconnected and lost, to fulfilled and found.

Does this sound familiar?

On the outside you appear to have it all, the house, the husband, the job, the family - you should be grateful right?

But inside you feel like you are dying, you cannot get your ‘shit’ together and you just do not understand why?

You have tried the mindset work, you have worked on yourself, done some journaling and perhaps even meditation, but it does not and has not filled that ‘void’.

You feel so guilty for feeling this way as after all, ‘you have it all’ and you SHOULD be grateful, happy, fulfilled - but you just aren’t and you don’t know what to do to change this!

So tied up in perfection, and pleasing everyone else, you have forgotten how to love the authentic you, in fact who even is the ‘authentic you’ you don’t even know that anymore?

Ladies, I hear you as this was me.

I have been on this treadmill too and it is why I am so passionate about supporting women to know that this can change, there is a choice and there is a life of absolute abundance, joy and inner peace … and yes, you can create success on YOUR terms.

Hey there, I'm Claire.

When you feel this lost, lonely, and confused you have no perspective. Your vulnerability is in full swing and it feels awful.

This was my lowest point! And enough was enough! I did not want to feel like I did anymore and wanted to take back control of myself.

And so began my journey...
My transformative journey that has changed my life. That has given me such a deep understanding of myself, who I am, what I want out of life and how I can feed my soul. Coaching helped me through this, an awareness of how to take back control and bring myself joy, peace and contentment.

Does it mean I have the 'perfect life' now - no because I do not believe perfect exists, being practically imperfect and accepting myself where I am at feels so much better and offers so much happiness.

I was a high flying career woman in my 20s, worked all hours and was very driven. Got to a position I had always dreamed of doing European Sales and then thought - 'why?' 

Was it bringing me true happiness, did I feel more fulfilled, and was the slog worth it?

At the same time, we were starting to think about having family and after several attempts at putting me into induced menopause to get rid of my endometriosis, we underwent IVF where more drugs were used to increase my hormone levels which were very low.

Being blessed by pregnancy and feeling so grateful for that, beautiful Millie arrived 8 weeks early and the shock and stress of this went unnoticed.

Because of time scales and my age we very quickly went for another try and we were again very blessed by the arrival of gorgeous Cassie. On reflection, a mixture of all of the above made me believe I had to strive to be the ' perfect mother. 

The effects of all of the drugs and hormones, two very close pregnancies and what I now realise was being peri-menopausal made me lose myself completely.

Throw in a late-diagnosis of ADHD and the effect that this has on our hormones I now understand so much more as to why my journey has taken this path.

Throwback to where it all began!

My go-to starbucks drink

Chai latte

If I could travel anywhere tomorrow, it'd be...


Cardio, Weights, Pilates or Yoga?


Favorite place to visit with my hubby

Brockley Hotel, Saltburn

Famous Dead Person I'd love to meet

george Michael

Favorite Happy Hour Drink

pornstar martini

Fun Facts About me!

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You will feel a newfound sense of empowerment, knowing you have the tools and strategies to take control of your life.

You will experience a deep sense of fulfillment as you discover what truly matters to you and pursue your passions.

Building self-confidence and self-assurance will help you tackle challenges with a strong belief in your abilities.

Anxiety and stress will diminish, leaving you feeling calmer and more at peace with yourself.

Enough about me, I'm here to help you...

Kate thornwell

"Claire has really supported me to start taking action to create my dream business by helping me to identify my limiting beliefs and put solid plans in place to achieve my goals. She has been easy to talk to, empathetic and kind, whilst really understanding what I am trying to achieve. I always leave my sessions with Claire feeling motivated, ready to start and truly enlightened! Claire has become a valuable mentor and friend too whom I hope to continue to work with – thank you."

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